Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Scoop on Gordmans

If you read this post, you know that Gordmans is a new store in town.  I visited it recently, with my camera in tow, and here was what excited me:
Floor Lamp, $69.  It's vintagesque and a little strange, but I love it.  I think it wants to live at my house.

Cute Silver Lamp, $25

Pretty Storage Box, $10 (Larger size was $15)

Adorable Vintage-Like Shopping Basket $10 (Larger size $15)
I totally can see this in a little boy's room for toy storage, although I'd need to inspect it more closely for sharp edges...it's the mom in me.

If you're in the market for a life sized baby elephant replica, go to Gordman's and drop over a hundred dollars.  If I ever see one of these in someone's home, I think I'm going to sit on it.  Or maybe hang my coat from the trunk?  Or I could just be nice and pet it.

Foot Tall Mushroom, $10.  I actually really like this.

Lots of Big, Round, Pretty Mirrors

My husband standing behind a big, round, pretty mirror, ($129, I believe)

Fun Accent Tables and Trunks

Fun Storage Pieces covered in Aluminum Foil-like Material

Weathered Looking Piece, $150

There are other areas of the store that are non-home decor related.  They have clothing and toys and books.  I just haven't ventured into those parts as of yet.  They have some unique pieces, and they mail out coupons, so I'll definitely be back to frequent the Gord Man again.

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