Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day

While walking around Home Goods the other day, I stumbled upon this for $12.99, and I felt like I had won the lottery:
I had been looking for a glass cloche for what feels like forever!!  I had read through the blogosphere that they were popping up at stores like TJ Maxx and Home Goods, so I had my eyes out on this trip.

Here are some inspiration photos:
Suzie: Home - Cloche | west elm - glass, cloche
West Elm

Suzie: Home - Elegant Holiday Arrangements - Christmas, ornaments, cloche
Better Homes and Gardens (2008)

Here's what I did with my new friend:

I set out a couple big books and placed one of our regular dinner plates on top.  Next, the kiddos helped me put paper covers on a couple of their small board books.  There was something about doing this that took me back to sixth grade when covering your book was an actual assignment or maybe it was extra credit.  I'm not sure, but it made me feel young again so I liked doing it. 

We put a little twine around the books for a little texture and to keep them in place and then we plopped a bird on top of the pile.  The bird is from West Elm and was a gift from my Ma on her last visit.  We named him Wilbur and he now greets people at our front door:).  The glass cloche was placed on top.  I just love versatile pieces like this that can be changed around for the seasons (like the BHG image from above with ornament balls)!

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  1. Beth, your glass cloche is beautiful. It brings back memories: when I was growing up, we had a clock like this in our living room:
    I wonder what happened to it?? hmmmmmm