Thursday, April 7, 2011

Target and Walgreens and Rainbow, Oh My!

Here is a little shopping round up from my weekly errand run.

I'm not sure why kids' swimsuits are already on clearance the same week the snow finally completely melted from my yard.  It's weird, but we needed new suits for the kids for the summer, so I picked a couple up for $10.60 total.

There was a great sale on toilet paper this week, and I now have enough toilet paper to last for a long, long time.  Target has a giftcard deal this week.  If you buy two 18 packs of Charmin toilet paper on sale for $9.99 each, then you'll receive a $5 Target gift card.  Also, if you buy the Charmin Sensitive packs that are specially marked to contain '$30 in coupon savings', then you can also use the additional $2 off per pack coupons found within to bring your purchase down from $15 (including the giftcard) to $11 for 2 packs.  That's not too shabby for brand name t.p.  And while we often use generic products, I've learned that not all toilet paper is created equal.  I like Charmin.  I especially like cheap Charmin.
(One of the packs was for Charmin Ultra Soft, because I had a Target coupon and manufacturer coupon that I used for that pack.)

I continue to roll Walgreens Rewards.  See this post and this post for more information.  I paid $34 out of pocket for this pile of goods:

(4 packs of soda, paper towels, 4 cans of Campbell's soup, dish soap, fancy razors, brand name women's products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, Colgate wisps, gum, and easter candy)

I also received $23 back in Register Rewards for next week.  Now, if I was really good at this and if I had a lot of extra time to make multiple transactions, I could have paid less out of pocket and took home fewer Register Rewards, but I feel good about what I took home for $34, especially considering I have $23 to play with next week.

I didn't grocery shop last week.  It was awesome, because I don't like grocery shopping.  I had enough food stockpiled and there weren't any deals I was excited about last week, so I didn't go.  This week, that was not an option.  I went and spent $80 and saved $95. 

Here are a few highlights:
Blue Bunny Ice Cream Treats: $1 each (on sale for $3 each with a $1 off coupon each that was doubled)
Frozen Vegetables: $0.33 each (on sale for $1 per bag with a $1 off 3 bags coupon that was doubled) (I actually bought 6 bags using 2 coupons, but the rest are in the freezer.)
Degree Deodorant: $0.33 (on sale for $2.33 with a $1 off coupon that doubled)
Halls Cough Drops: -$0.51 (on sale for $0.99 with a $0.75 off coupon that doubled)

Total for items pictured: $2.15

And then a coupon printed out at checkout so I got this for free:

Another good week of deals, and maybe if I'm lucky, I'll only need to do a milk, bread, produce run next week!!

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