Thursday, April 14, 2011

Deals and Steals at DSW, Target, Walgreens and Rainbow

I keep getting emails and coupons from DSW that say things like, 'Please come back. Here's $20 to come back.'

Keep up with what's going on at DSW.

It's especially strange since I was just there.  (You can read about my boot purchase here.)  But I was needing some spring kicks, so I headed back and for less than $38 buckaroos, I brought home both of these pairs of shoes from the clearance section:

Dark brown New Balance sneakers and a fun, flowery pair of sandals. 

The sandals were a just for fun purchase that I made because the sneakers that I really wanted were on clearance for $30 and the coupon I had worked if I spent $49 or more.  Essentially, if I spent $19 more, I'd get $20 taken off my purchase.  I couldn't find a pair of shoes that I liked for $19, but I found the fun, orange sandals for $28 minus the $20 coupon that I could now use=$8 for a fun pair of spring shoes!

My wardrobe isn't bright.  It's pretty neutral actually, so this purchase was a bit different from the norm, but I figure the bright orange will pop against the rest of my clothes:). 

I also happened to find this super cute tank top at Target this week for a whopping $2 in the 75% off rack:

I guess I'm liking orange right now:).

Walgreens continues to treat me well.  I have been checking out at the cosmetic counter because those clerks are so helpful, and they don't mind if I do an extra transaction or two.  One of them even ran across the store to grab the 'right' Always Pads for my coupon deal this week.  I'm not sure if my face turned tomato red or strawberry red when she yelled from the pad aisle to the cosmetic counter (where I was standing), 'Do you want Super or Regular?'.  Funny stuff.  The clerks really are great though, and they like seeing what kind of coupon deals I whip out so they can copy them!

Here's what I purchased this week using my coupons and register rewards:

2 packages of Pampers, 1 big pack of Huggies wipes, 2 Biore face washes, 2 Biore Pore Strip Boxes, Always Pads x 2, Carefree Liners, a full price bag of Brach's Chicks and Rabbits (Am I the only person over 12 who loves these?), lots of Snickers Easter candies for filler items (so I could use more Register Rewards from the previous week)

I spent $12.67 out of pocket and received $20 in Register Rewards for next week.  According to the receipt, I saved $74.69.  Not too shabby!

And here are a few highlights from my grocery store trip this week:

All Detergent: $3.50 sale price - $1 off coupon that doubled = $1.50
Cheez-It crackers: $1.99/box sale price - (3) $1 off coupons that doubled =$4 for 5 boxes
Creamette Pasta: $1.24/box sale price - $0.55 off coupon that doubled x 2 = $0.28 for 2 boxes
Kraft Shredded Cheese: $2/bag sale price -$1 off 2 coupon that doubled = $2 for 2 bags
Reynold's Parchment Paper: $1.98 sale price - $1 off coupon that doubled (x 2) = -$0.04 for 2 boxes
Crest Toothpaste: $2 sale price - $1 off coupon that doubled = FREE
Suave Deo: $1.66 sale price - $0.75 off coupon that doubled = $0.16

Total for everything pictured: $7.90
Overall, I spent $65.29 this week at Rainbow and saved $68.65.  My goal is always to save 50% or more with coupons and sale prices. 

Another good week for me:)!

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