Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Dealios!!!

Today was a busy day filled with lots of errands and exciting great deals.

First up was Walgreens, where I scored the following for $5.33 out of pocket, and received a $3 RR coupon back.

Then I headed to good ol' Target for some clearance shopping.  I found 75% clearance deals in the kid craft areas and the home office areas.

I found these Crayola Kits for $2.48 and $3.74, but also had two $2 off coupons, making them even cheaper!  I also purchased several craft kids for my own kiddos and for birthday presents.  You can't beat 75% off Target prices!

Here is my office supply purchase:

Everything here was about $20, which isn't bad considering one of the TackTile boards alone are $15 full price.  I'm so excited to continue organizing my office which is on the docket for this week!!  What timing.

Next up on my list of errands was Rainbow for some grocery shopping.  Highlights include:

6 boxes of cereal, 2 loaves of bread and a bag of bagels for $11, plus $3.50 off my next milk purchase! 

4 containers of Blue Bunny ice cream for $4 total ($1 each) thanks to $2 off coupons and a $3/container sale. 
In total, I spent $48 for groceries this week and saved $75.  Not too shabby!!  You've gotta love double coupon Wednesdays! 

I also ran into Goodwill and found a couple things.  Goodwill shopping is a post all it's own.  I also ran into DSW on my never ending quest for a pair of cute riding boots.  I was unsuccessful at finding comfortable riding boots, but I did find a new pair of winter boots to replace my current boots which are in a sad state.  Note the stitching on the center of the boot.  I did that, which is exciting because I don't normally sew.  I didn't want to replace my boots after this unfortunate blow out, because I want to believe winter is over.  Who am I kidding though, I live in Minnesota!

I received a $20 off coupon for DSW in the mail this week, and I found a beautiful pair of boots in the clearance section with a 'compare at' price of $185, marked down to $140...taking another 40% off that price brought the boot price to $84.  Now take away $20 for the coupon and no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota (it's not all bad here), and I am now wearing these oh so crazy comfortable Merrell boots for the low price of $64.

And my last stop (except for Sam's Club, but buying lunch meat isn't terribly exciting...even if it's the yummiest lunch meat around) was Pier 1 Imports for a few fun clearance finds!

The bird jewelry holders were marked down from $9.50 to 88 cents.  That's right 88 cents.  I grabbed the last 2 bird ones.  The blue ring was marked down to 68 cents.  And the pillow, the adorably cute pillow is the reason I came in to the store in the first place.  I found it on last night with a clearance price of $3.68, originally $14.99.  Here is a close up of it:

It's small, but it packs a colorful punch!! The Pier 1 website has a great feature that allows you to check store inventory by entering your zip code.  This pillow was no longer on their website as of this morning, but it was in my local store.  Yippee!!  My grand total at Pier 1 with tax was $6.56 for a pillow, 2 jewelry holders, and a fun ring. 

It was an exhausting day, and while I should spend a little time making use of my new file folders and organizers from Target, I think I'm going to try out some Blue Bunny ice cream instead!

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