Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here's the Story of A Lovely Bed: Part Two

I was ELATED to find this email in my inbox last Thursday morning after a three week wait (See this post for more background):

The Item You Requested is Back in Stock
Reply to me
show details Mar 24 (4 days ago)

You requested that we notify you when the following product became available: Aisling Cream Fabric King Platform Bed

This Aisling platform bed features a cream colored fabric upholstery. The silvertone nail head accented headboard adds sophistication to this elegant king bed.
Our Price: $821.99

I was especially excited because in the interim, I discovered a cool website called Ebates.  If you do shopping online, you should really familiarize yourself with websites like this.  ShopAtHome is another one.  When you're ready to shop you can set up an account (for free!) using the above links and from that website, search for the store you want to shop at, for example Overstock.  At this point you will see how much of a rebate (via check payable to you) you can receive for making a purchase at your chosen store.  From there, click the link that takes you to your store's page, and then do your shopping.  It can take a varied amount of time (1-30 days) for the transaction to post to your Ebates or Shop At Home account, and then depending on the site, rebate checks are mailed monthly or quarterly.  Talk about making some easy cash!!

I was also happy to have a 10% off Overstock coupon for the purchase (which I didn't have earlier in the month).  And, when purchasing our island pendant lights seen here , I joined Club O.  This membership costs $20/year, but in return you receive at least 5% 'Overstock Rebates' (which is like Kohl's Cash) to be used on future purchases and free shipping (normally a whopping $2.95/order even for big furniture).  When I bought the pendant lights, I received $15 back to be applied to future purchases and since I was planning on buying an additional light fixture for our foyer, it nearly paid for itself right away and would once I purchased the foyer light. 

So here is the shakedown of how my order on Thursday morning broke down financially:
Cost of bed: $821.99
-10% off Overstock coupon: $82.20
-5.6% rebate from ShopAtHome: $41.42 (calculated after 10% coupon)
-5% Overstock Rebate (which I have plans for already): $41.10 (calculated before 10% coupon)
Total Cost=$656.95

Total made from BBB sale: $1000
Total cost of Ms. Aisling: $656.95
Difference = $343.05

My goal is to replace the nightstands and lamps that I sold for the remaining $343.05 that I made on the sale of BBB.  We'll see if that happens--I've been eyeing some pricier nightstands:).  I'll be happy if I get close at least, and my Target lamp bases should give me a good start toward reaching that goal!

I'll send pictures of the bed once it arrives and we put it together.  I placed the order last Thursday morning and received a call Friday afternoon saying it was in town.  How do they do that?  The earliest date that it could be delivered due to truck scheduling was this Thursday (tomorrow), however, because they need a really big truck to deliver the 300 pound bed on a full pallet that they 'will attempt' to put in a garage stall.  Should be fun:).

Probably not as much fun as this:

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