Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Feeding Our Ink Eating Monster

We have an Epson Stylus NX415 Inkjet Printer:

It likes to eat ink like I like to eat chocolate chip cookies.  And it's super has 4 different cartridges (1 each for black, yellow, cyan and magenta) and if one of them is out, the printer won't print.  You pretty much always have to have back up ink on hand of every color or you run the risk of being printerless (or operating all your printing functions with your backup printer on your kitchen island).

Last week, we had a kitchen computer station set up.  We needed some ink.   (We rarely have sufficient ink stock because it's so expensive.)  Then I read this post from Collin at Hip2Save.   I ordered up some non-OEM (generic) inkjets for our printer through  Fingers crossed that the ink works out well and doesn't hurt our printer. The $4.76 (after rebate) per generic inkjet cost is a super savings compared to the Target sale price of $13.69 this week.  I really don't mind generic products in most cases.  If the product functions the same, and it's cheaper, why not?  Until this week, I hadn't been able to find generic Epson ink for our printer around town.  So this was a happy surprise.

We placed our order late Thursday night and received our ink on Monday.  Check out our new stockpile:
It's a forest of inkjet refills!!
So far, it's working great, and the best news is that now we can relocate our printing operations back to the office.  Yeah for clear countertops!

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