Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Up at Dock 86

Dock 86 is a fun furniture store in the Twin Cities.  Here's a picture of about 1/4 of the store:
It's huge.

They carry many unique pieces, from light fixtures to furniture of all kinds to mirrors and accessories. We actually purchased our current dining room table there a couple months ago in the 'clearance room'.  They run sales every now and then for 8.6% off their merchandise and they were running that very sale the weekend we went to check it out.

We walked into the store with this (and our 8.6% off coupon):

And here are a few things we found that struck our fancy along with approximate prices (I'm going by memory here in some instances.):
Huge Sunburst Mirror: $150

Nice, Big Pottery Barn-esque Console Table $399

If you read this post, you know we got REALLY excited when we saw these woven counter stools for $70 each....but they were they were the 'Last Ones' of each size, so it was a no go.  Shoot!

I heart these chairs.  They cost $459 each.  I've heard that Florida is inundated with similar chairs on Craigslist.  Is anyone in Florida reading this that wants to bring me back a pair of something similar on the cheap?  I'm not picky about the color:). 

Old vintage trunks around $80 each.  We figured they must be faux-vintage because everything in the store is new merchandise.  We looked closely and still weren't sure though so they did a good job roughing them up if they aren't vintage.

This didn't have a price on it, but I was thinking it would be adorable in Charm's Big Boy Room as a nightstand some day.  I'm digging the vintage look these days.  I asked about the price: $286.  No thanks.  I'll find a real old one instead.

Anyone need a white leather chair or couch?

Or a rug?

Clearance Room Finds:
$586, I believe for this versatile bunk bed.  It comes with 4 different colored drawer fronts, a desk, a bookshelf, a built in dresser, a bulletin board and it can be arranged in many different ways to fit the room it's in.  It's a 'Build-A-Bear' Branded piece of Furniture.  Wouldn't that be a fun store in the mall if they did it with furniture instead of stuffed bears?  I can just imagine couch creating there: pick out your fabric, take it to the stuffing station, throw a heart in it and take it home that same day!

Queen Platform Bed for $319, I believe

$60 each for these unusual orb lights.  They were quite big.

And here is what we left with that day:
One Free Candle.  I love looking at the unusual pieces they have at Dock 86.  The prices are a little all over the place, however.  We were able to find a really nice solid wood dining table there for $274 (with an 8.6% off coupon) on a previous trip, and we definitely would have scooped up 4 woven stools this trip if they had the inventory.  Clearance was slim pickings this go round and lots of it was really damaged stuff.  Like you might need to pay me to take it home kind of damaged.  Overall, it was a fun trip and we'll make our rounds there again in the future.

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