Friday, March 25, 2011

JCPenney Dealio

Every now and then I get a coupon in the mail from JCPenney that is good for $10 off a purchase of $10 or more, and I always feel like they're sending me $10 cash.  I received one of those coupons last week, and I also printed off one of these coupons good for $10 off a $25 or more purchase.  It's not as good of a deal, obviously, but it's still a nice savings.

I couldn't combine both coupons in one transaction, so I had the cashier ring me out twice for the following items:

I picked up a polo shirt for the hubster which was on sale for $11.99-$10 coupon = $1.99!!
I fell in love with the furry pillow which was on sale for $15 and the belt was on clearance for $9.60.  By using the $10 off $25 purchase coupon, I was able to pay $5.70 for a new leather belt (and cross one more item off my 'clothing needs' all that remains are the elusive leather riding boots and a nice new purse AKA Coupon Satchel Extraordinaire.) and $8.89 for the fuzzy, textured pillow.

Grand total with tax: $17.62
Total Savings: $67.42

And the coupon linked above (I found it through, and it also is listed at is good through tomorrow.)

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