Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Lessons Learned

Lots of times things go 'my way', and it's exciting and fun.  Lots of times things don't go 'my way' and it's not exciting nor fun.  It's really easy to get down, upset, and negative when things go wrong.  The easiest way to pull myself out of a mini-funk is to ask myself this:  What did I learn from this experience so I either do it better the next time OR avoid doing it at all in the future?  I figure as long as I learn from the experience, I'm okay with going through it.  Like books vs. movies, projects and tasks never seem to be quite as easy or perfect as we visualize them in our mind to be.  My point is that I don't need to strive for perfection in myself, rather forward progress.

With that in mind, I'd like to share with you the lessons I learned this weekend:

1.  Fabric shopping (which I find to be extremely stressful and overwhelming in general) at Joann Fabrics on a weekend when there are bonus coupons (extra 25% off entire purchase including sale items) is not going to be a quick trip.  Don't bring your husband and kids along.
I did find some fun fabric for some future projects, though:)!
2.  If you park your car in an ice filled parking spot and almost hit the pavement when you get out of your car, you should probably be a little more careful when you return to your car 5 minutes later, because the ice will probably still be there.  OUCH to the EXTREME. 

3.  Apparently everyone in our town eats at 6pm on the dot, so don't head out famished at 6pm and expect you'll eat anytime soon, unless you're okay with eating at Burger King on your date night.  Shout out to BK for your lack of lines and operable shake machine!

4.  Although making a pancake as big as the pan may seem like a good way to make pancakes quickly, it's not.  Cleaning up the mess you make flipping that monster negates any time you save from making 1 vs. 5 pancakes.  Also, it's hard to tell when it's done, so you have to cut it down the middle anyway.  Also, no one in my family wants to eat a pancake that big so we had to cut it up pizza style.  Bottom Line:  I'm keeping my eye out for a griddle sale:).  
It doesn't even look good.

Here's hoping these lessons have stuck!

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