Friday, March 25, 2011

You Win Some. You Lose Some.

This morning, when I woke up, I was hoping I'd be bringing this baby home with me today:
image 2283166453-0
It's a beautiful, antique Jenny Lind bed that popped up on Craigslist for 70 buckaroos.  It was the real deal, and exactly what I was looking for to complete Lucky's new room.  The bad news: I was runner up to claim this prize.  I found out it was sold while I was filling up with gas to start on the hour long trek to score the bed.  I learned late last night that it was sitting at a thrift store/non-profit that was only open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays for very limited hours.  I was set to be there for the store's opening today at 1pm.  It was not to be.  Apparently, it got sold last night.  I'm not sure how, but that doesn't matter.  She's gone.  I'm going to keep searching though.

Since I was already out of the house and about one block from Target, I quickly popped in to see what was happening in the clearance section.  Target always makes me feel better!  And at Target today is where I won!  I scored two lamps and a basket tray that I had been stalking for a couple weeks now.  They had been on clearance for 30% off and sometime this week they skipped the 50% off step and went straight to 75% off.  

The lamps were originally $39.99 on clearance for $9.98 each and the basket tray which will help to complete my basket wall in the dining room (more on that later) was originally $24.99 on clearance for $6.24!

Check out this lamp comparison courtesy of!

Pottery Barn's Briana Glass Lamp Base = $169

Target's Accent Lamp Base - Clear = $39.99
I think my new lamps will have a happy life in our master bedroom...can't wait to get shades on them. 

Now, let the weekend fun begin!!

3/29/11 Update:  Clearance mark down schedules vary between individual Target stores.  There are 2 Target stores in my town.  One of the stores marked the lamps down to $9.98 sometime last week, and the other store is still selling the lamps for $39.99.

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