Monday, March 21, 2011

Lucky L Strikes Again and Big Boy Time

She did it again.  She made me bite my tongue while trying to be mad when all I wanted to do was roll on the floor laughing.  L is a precocious little girl and is very strong willed and opinionated.  I love her for all those things.  Sometimes, it interferes with daily life, however, when her vision for the day's activities do not coincide with my plan.  It was lunch time yesterday, therefore it was time to sit at the table and eat lunch.  L didn't want to eat lunch, she wanted to dance.  When she announced that she'd like to skip lunch, Bill took over and started the typical parental phrase that L is no stranger to, "If you are not at the table by the time I count to three, you have to put your nose on the wall." 

(Sidenote: A nose on the wall is our 'punishment'.  We got the idea from my cousin Dave and his wife Jill who are busy raising eight children.  It works anywhere.  Punishment severity is reflected by the number of seconds they have to keep their nose on the wall.  We usually do ten seconds, but have gone as high as thirty.)

Bill started counting, "One, Two".  L interjected, "No!!  Say uno, dos, tres.  Say uno, dos, tres."  (Thanks Dora!!)  Bill refused to count in Spanish for her, and L ended up with her nose on the wall.  Before a set timeframe could be determined for her nose to remain on the wall, Lucky Girl stated, "I can't keep my nose on the wall forever.  We have too much to do today, and we need to work together."  Really, really?  Goodness me, when this girl is a teenager, we are so in for it.

Meanwhile Charmbo, at the tender age of 1 1/2, has decided he is a big boy and is in the habit of picking out his own clothes and breakfast food.  He demanded eggs on Friday and would only wear his Vikings jersey.  Yesterday he insisted on his orange and brown striped shirt.  His new favorite word is no, followed closely by 'car' with a Boston comes out like 'cah'.  I could listen to him say 'cah' all day long.  Somedays I do hear it all day long...usually when we're in the car driving by other cars.  He likes to announce every one he sees.  L announces when she sees grass because she's so ready for spring, and Charm points out every car.  Our car rides are far from quiet and sometimes exhausting because I always respond to their excitement.  My kiddos are unpredictable, occasionally moody, always high energy and SO much fun!!!!!!!!

P.S. Sorry about the old Halloween photos.  Our picture files aren't super organized right now.  A project for another day.

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  1. How does bill keep a straight face? Count to 3 in espanol. Too funny!