Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tangled Up in Coupons: How to Pay $10 or Less for a New Release Blue Ray DVD Combo Pack

Tangled was released today on DVD!!

In order to get the best deal on a new release DVD, it's important to buy it the first week it comes out.  The sales and coupons that are seen in the first week of release can't be beat!  I just purchased the Tangled 4 disc Blue Ray/DVD Combo Pack and will pay at most $10 for it, but if Bill needs a haircut sometime soon, the cost could go down as low as $5. 

I purchased the Combo Pack at Target (no surprise there:)).  It was on sale for $24.99 and included a free mini-Golden book.  There is a manufacturer's coupon available here good for $5 off the purchase.  Also, I found a $5 off coupon in a 'Sweet Rewards' Target mailer.  One Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon can be combined together on the same product. 

Additionally, there are two rebates available for this purchase and because there are two proofs of purchase on the back of the Blue Ray/DVD, you can send in for both rebates.  The first rebate is through Success Rice and is valid for $5 if you purchase both the Combo Pack and 2 Success Rice products.  The link for the form is here.  Additionally, there is a Cost Cutters rebate good for $5 when you purchase the Combo Pack and get a hair cut at Cost Cutters.  The link for the Cost Cutters rebate form can be found here.

Here is a picture of the Target 'Sweet Deals' Mailer and the coupons I headed into Target with:

While at Target, I also took advantage of a great deal they were having on vitamins.  There are $2 off Target coupons here and there were $1 off manufacturer coupons in recent Sunday papers.  Combined with a sale on the vitamins of about $6 per bottle, I ended up getting 3 bottles of vitamins for $9 total.  (I checked the expiration on the Flintstone's to make sure we'd go through them in time, and it was 11/2012.  We're good:)).  I picked up the Success Rice right away, so I wouldn't forget.  It was $1.97 per box.  Here is a picture of my Target purchases today:

Cost Breakdown for Entire Purchase:
My Total for all the items purchased above (with my Red Card 5% off): $29.05
My Total Sale/Coupon Savings: $32.11

AND I'll be getting $5 back from Success Rice.  The way I see it, for $24.05 I got the Combo Pack, 2 Success Rice boxes and 3 bottles of vitamins, and I still paid less than the current sale price ($24.99) of the Combo Pack alone. 

Cost Breakdown for the Combo Pack Alone:
The DVD/Combo Pack was on sale for $24.99-$5 Target coupon - $5 manufacturer coupon - $5 Success Rice Rebate = $10 and if we end up getting a Cost Cutter's hair cut in the next couple months, it'll go down to $5.

And that's why if there is a DVD I'm interested in, I almost always buy it the week it is released.  The manufacturer $5 off coupon expires 4/3/2011 and Target's sale will probably end 4/2/2011.

Also, please don't think I find all these links on my own.  I just know from experience the right websites and blogs to check out when a new DVD is being released.  The blog Totally Target helped me find all of these links with great ease!

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