Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Our household loves holidays!  And St. Patrick's Day is a special one for us.  My sweet Bill proposed to me six years ago today on a beach in Miami.  It came as a surprise and was one of my best days.  Ever.  Our two kiddos were nicknamed 'Lucky' and 'Charm' in utero, coincidentally.  The photogenic Lucky Girl in her lucky shirt:

And the less interested, equally adorable Charmbo in his totally charmin' shirt:

Lately, I've been choosing a color scheme every month, and then I shop my house or Goodwill or Target clearance for fun decorations that will help me to pull off a subtle holiday decorating scheme that keeps our great room fun, fresh and kid friendly.  February was pink and I stole borrowed many fun pink pillows, throws, etc from Lucky Girl's room.  March is green.  Here are a few pictures:

I pulled out a water color painting I had done for Bill and my first anniversary (1st anniversary is paper, I believe.  Or at least I thought at the time.)  And then Lucky's 'ugly doll' is on the couch and a green pillow, throw and picture frames were pulled from the basement playroom and the main floor game room.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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