Friday, April 15, 2011

Lucky's Room: A Budget Discussion

Alrighty, so now that we have inspiration for Lucky's new room, we need to set a budget for the bedroom redesign.  Our goal around here is to always do things on the cheap, but also to create fun, pretty spaces that are practical and safe for our kids. 

Currently, everything that we have in Lucky's room is practical, but it's not so pretty or cohesive.  I feel it's important to set a budget for myself for the space so that I don't get carried away with accessories or too expensive furniture pieces for the room.  After all, we're creating this room for a toddler, and I don't want to invest much in a space that 1. may be covered in crayons at any given moment and/or 2. will probably be an ever evolving space as our Lucky girl grows and develops new interests.

We've decided to give ourselves a $200 starting budget in addition to any funds that we make by selling the current contents of her room or other rooms as I see appropriate:). 

So far we've made $150 by selling the daybed/metal trundle/bunkie board (trundle not pictured) to a family member.

We've also made $25 on the floral picture that had been covered in post-its (see this post for more information on that).

I'm also contributing $50 that I made selling this braided rug (under the table) earlier this week:

I actually bought the rug at Target on clearance for $32.48 late last fall, used it for 3 months in our newly finished basement and then decided I didn't love it.  It happens.  I forgive myself.  So I put it on Craigslist and made $17.50.  I already found a replacement rug for under the blue table, and I'll have to post about the new rug soon because I love it!

Lucky's Room Budget Breakdown as of 4/15/2011:
$200 Initial Contribution
$150 Sale of Daybed and Trundle
$25 Sale of scary, floral picture
$50 Sale of braided basement rug
Total: $425

Here is what we plan to keep in the room:
1. Twin Mattress
2. Pink Curtains and Curtain Rod:

3. Brown Chair from Pier 1 Imports purchased on clearance last fall:

4. A couple Ikea Ringum Dot Rugs (6 of these were in Lucky's room at our old house, but I'd like to save some for Charm's big boy room too):

5. Various accessories already owned: pink picture frames, throw blankets, pillows, piggy bank, owl, orange lamp (tucked away in a closet for months now), pink bean bag (not pictured):

6. Other things that I may find around the house that will work in her new room (ie: I'm thinking a couple bulletin boards we had in our old home's playroom may reappear in her new room)

Here is what we'd like to purchase or make:
1. Twin Bed Frame
2. Twin Box Spring
3. Twin Headboard/Bed
4. New Bedding (Comforter, sheets, bed skirt)
5. Night Stand
6. Another Lamp
7. A furniture piece for toy and book storage
8. Another furniture piece just for fun
9. A desk chair for her desk built in
10. Wall art
11. Accessories
12. A bigger rug
13. Curtain hooks that I posted about here.

Okay, after writing down our 'to get' list, I'm thinking I better get selling a few more things on Craigslist to make budget:).  I'll continue to update our budget and our project list as we go.  On Monday, I'll be posting our second Lucky Room Update (the first was here...I'm a little out of order)!


  1. Could we also add a big screen LED TV? I would guess Lucky would want me to store that downstairs...for the time being...

  2. Right. Right. We'll get to the basement in due time, my dear:).

  3. I love the color combinations--I can't wait to see what you get for Lucky's bedroom--especially the wall art. OMG--you really have to look carefully to see Charm in the picture of Lucky's bed!! What a cutie :)