Friday, April 29, 2011

Target Daily Online Deal

Target posts a new 'Daily Deal' every day, and today's deal is pretty awesome if you're a bra wearer.  Select bras are buy one get one free, so you can get 2 bras for $10, but if you buy 8, you'll get 20% off your order.  Your order will go from $80 (before buy one get one discount applies) - $16 (20% off discount) -$40 (buy one get one sale) = $24 for 8 bras.  Free shipping also applies automatically. 

And if you have a Target Red Card, you'll get another 5% off the presale price = $4 more off, bringing the total down to $20 for 8 bras.  And if you live in Minnesota, there is no sales tax on clothing.  And if you go through Ebates, you'll save another 3%.  Wowsers!  I had another $7 off a $70 purchase coupon that applied as well, so my total was $13 for 8 bras shipped to my door.  I'd post my order summary, but I don't need everyone knowing my bra size:).

They will sell out fast, most likely!

Update: My order came on Friday 5/6/ week after ordering! 

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