Monday, April 18, 2011

Textile Time!!

I've been carrying around this hat for awhile now:
It's the inspiration piece behind Lucky's room update.  I decided to seek out some textiles to use as a jumping off point for the room update and here is what I found (Be forewarned that none of these items are especially crazy good deals, rather reasonably priced and exactly what I was looking for):

1. Coverlet and Pillow Sham:
I adore this pattern.  It is perfect for the room's new color scheme and for the feel I am hoping to achieve in her new room.

Cost: Coverlet $29.99 and Pillow Sham $12.99 from TJ Maxx

2. Sheets:
Teal, Pink and Creme.  I probably only need two sets, but I like having a third on hand, just in case.  The teal was a splurge at $23.99 but it is organic (whatever that means in the sheet industry) and high thread count, and I love the color with the coverlet I already picked out.  All the sheets came from Target.

Cost: Pink Sheets $12.99 (on sale)
         Teal Sheets $23.99 (on sale)
         Creme Sheets $9.99 (every day price)

3. Pink Floral Fabric, 1.5 yards
It is a super thick, upholstery fabric that I love!!  I have a place in mind for this fabric.  I can't wait to tackle the project and post an update.

Cost: $7/yd everyday price at Hancock Fabric's x 1.5 yards = $10.50

4. New 100% Wool, 5 Foot Round Rug:
Can you believe how closely this rug mimics the hat inspiration?  I heart this rug.

Cost: $70 from Marshall's

Textiles Thus Far:
Total Expenditures for Textiles Thus Far: $170.50...about that room budget...hmmm:).

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