Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chalkboard Jar Labels

I think I'm obsessed with these jars:

Every time I go to Walmart, I want to put another one in my cart.  The dynamic duo at Young House Love first introduced them to me in this post.

And now they are in our learning center:

and in our kitchen:

and in our kitchen again:

I've also seen similar jars at Pier 1:

I love the chalkboard aspect of the Pier 1 version, but they are $14 each for the one gallon size that Walmart sells for $6.97.

Enter this:
It's a roll of adhesive chalkboard paper that I picked up at Michael's for $3.00 with a coupon (regular price $4.99), my label template, a scissors and a pencil.

Here are my labels all cut out:
Here are the finished products:

It was super easy to affix the labels to the glass jars, nice and smoothly.  And it will be super easy to remove them in the future if I choose.  Chalk comes cleanly off the label with a wet wipe. 
I'm loving this cheap, little update!


  1. P.S. For those curious, I just drew up my template using a piece of graph paper and a ruler. You could make circles with a compass though...or you could use cookie cutters to trace different shapes on paper. Cut the paper out and trace around it on the chalkboard paper for a unique label!

  2. thanks for posting, this is great!

    1. No problem!! I'm glad you found the post useful:)!