Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I've Got Forest Friends in High Places

Over turkey day weekend, our two tallest house guests brought us some wonderful goods from the forests they've been spending time in.

My 6'6" Dad brought us this wonderful stump:

I have plans to strip the bark and put many coats of polyurethane on it, eventually turning it into a side table.

And my 6'4'' brother-in-law brought us all these Christmas decorating goodies:

Our Christmas Tree

Birch trees which I got to chain saw into 18 inch pieces for decorating and stacking:).  Chain saw=tons of fun!

Longer birch tree pieces and red berry branches which I'll use in our planters, along with:

Pine boughs and:

Birch bark pieces.

Along with this $5 garland we picked up at Home Depot on Black Friday, we're almost set for our outdoor decorating (We still need a wreath for our front door.  We usually place an order with the local boy scouts for our front door wreath, although last year we picked up a beautiful boxwood wreath from Home Depot and I'm tempted to do that again.)

I'm telling you...it's good to have forest friends in high places!  Thanks guys!

P.S.  Why is it always so hard to get one decent picture for Christmas cards?

One Unhappy Elf Boy.

Don't worry...we did get some good pictures:

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  1. WOW...jackpot! Can't wait to see what you do.