Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Easy Peasy Paint Chip Art

I somehow ended up with a whole bunch of blue, green and brown paint chips after our dining room projects posted about here and here.  (The brown chips came from a project we're in the process of tackling right now.)

I had seen artwork done using paint chips in the past like this one from Sherry at Young House Love:

And since I had one more of the poster frames remaining that I picked up on super clearance from Target awhile back (I used them here and here and here already.), I figured we would put our leftover paint chips to work to create some free art!  

Lucky and I cut up little rectangles from the paint chips until we had a big ol' pile of them.  

Then I lined them all up in a pattern I liked:

Next, I used double sided tape to stick them to the cardboard that came with the mat and here is the end result:

I love the patchwork look and the color scheme.  I keep going back to blue, green and brown.  I just love those colors together.

Project Cost: 
Frame $4.24 (Target Clearance)
Mat: $5 (Michael's with coupon 18" x 24" size)
Paint Chips: FREE!

Total: $9.24

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