Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Version: Rolling Storage Crates

In yesterday's post, I gave away the fact that we recently took on the very, very easy task of recreating Serena & Lily's 'Rolling Storage Crates' on the cheap using vintage crates and inexpensive 2 inch casters.

My 'before' pictures were destroyed in the great photo card tragedy of 2011.  (I'm sorry if you're tired of hearing about my photo card mishap already...I may bring it up 1 or 10 more times.  I'm not sure.  Bear with me please:).)

Let's jump right to the after images:

Lucky and I stopped at a barn sale a few weeks back and picked up these crates for $16 total.  We attached $1.93 casters on them and voila...instant toy storage!  I should note that I got a little nervous driving home with a crate that used to hold dynamite...hello, 'high explosives' was written on the box.  I didn't miss that before buying it, I just overlooked the 'dangerous' aspect of it because all I could think about was how awesome the crate looked!  Anyway, both boxes were thoroughly scrubbed down AND they both received several coats of satin polyacrylic.

Also, I really liked the look of the red casters on the Serena & Lily version of these crates, but I wasn't able to find small red casters locally.  Instead, for one crate, I spray painted the sides of the black caster wheels using red spray paint we had on hand.  It took a little bit of time to cover the part of the casters that I didn't want to be red in blue painter's tape, but I think it was worth it!

Right now, the wheeled crates are living in our sun porch, but they may move to the basement for book storage in the near future.  Now, if only I could replicate some of Serena & Lily's light fixtures, mirrors and blankets as easily:)!  

Project Cost:
Crates $16
Casters 8 x $1.93ea = $15.44

Total: $31.44 (Over $150 less than the Serena & Lily version!)

(BTW:  That rug has DIY project written all over it using this IKEA rug and some pink paint and painter's tape!  I think you could save about $300!)  

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  1. LOVE these crates! I have some around the house that would look great with some casters.. Such a smart idea for toys!