Friday, February 10, 2012

Coffee Table Journals

It wasn't long after reading this post from Jen at IHeart Organizing, that I stumbled upon this deal posted on one of my favorite money saving blogs, Hip2Save.  I was able to order two journals for FREE plus the cost of shipping from Paper Coterie.  (It ended up costing $10 for two journals.)  I just love the idea of having an easily accessible place to write about the daily things that happen around here.

As you can imagine, our books are filling up fast!  If I see this deal come up again, I'll be sure to order 2 more for each kiddo next time!

Here are a few recent entries:

My Favorite Charmisms:
"Let's go Puper (Super) Fast!"
Belly Button, please!  (Some kids like their pacifiers or have a favorite toy.  Charm just likes my belly button.)
"Me Captain Barnacles!"
"Lucky, save me!" (When I tried to scoop him up for a diaper change.)

At music class this week, our teacher asked Lucky if she could tell the class what a shadow was.  Without pausing for even a second, Lucky simply said, "It's a reflection of yourself."  Seriously?  She's 4.  I'd have to think long and hard to come up with such a clear and concise explanation.  The teacher paused at Lucky's response and said, "Wow.  Great vocabulary, Lucky!"

Out of nowhere, Lucky said to me:  "Mommy, there are three things we can't see: germs, God and Santa."  Yes, you're right dear.  

Update 2/2/2012  After a discussion with Daddy about how a radio works, Lucky has determined that there are in fact 4 things that we can't see: radio waves, germs, God and Santa."

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