Monday, February 20, 2012

My New Sewing Station

Back in October, I posted about our basement layout and plans we had for making the area a cozy and fun space for our kids.  While this area was originally going to turn into a play area/fort of sorts:

I decided that until we have time to tackle that project, I'm going to use the space as a temporary sewing station:

I used the rug I picked up for $32 on clearance from Target, an IKEA Expedit unit and a desk and chair we already had.  Easy Peasy.  

Now that the kids are a little older, they know to stay away from my sewing machine, so I can leave it out and easily accessible.  I've been sewing on a fairly regular basis as of late, completing two big projects in Charms room that I hope to get pictures taken of soon, so I can share with you how the space is currently looking.  

I just love having an area to dedicate completely to my sewing!!  Has anyone else created a crafting station recently?


  1. Jealous! Every time I sew (my hubby would like me to specify that is not that often - guess he thinks I am getting ideas :)) I need to lug it up to the kitchen table and then it will sit on our fireplace mantel until I am done with the project. Not exactly the decoration I had in mind for my mantel.

  2. What a great space for you Beth! I'd like my own little room too....though I'm not sure what for since I'm not crafty. Maybe my Xbox? LOL.

  3. I'm so jealous!! I would LOVE to have a craft area! I'll live vicariously through you instead!

  4. You all can come over anytime and sew, or just sit C:)!