Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Spring Break" Check In

Our Easter was really fun, although Aunt Kiki and Baby C weren't able to visit because of illness.  Big bummer, BUT they plan to come in a week and a half.  Yes!!  We can't wait.

After church on Sunday, we made a family trip to Home Depot to pick up a few things.  Bill thought the kids were a little overdressed.  I thought they looked perfect:), and I happened to have my camera in my purse so here are some pictures:

Later in the day, Bill read the Hunger Games, while Lucky played with Play-Doh and Charm re-enacted 'Toy Story':

This view was mine for a good chunk of Sunday.  And Monday.  And Tuesday, while I attended to a little continuing education matter than needed to be taken care of:

Luckily, I found a great website with a ton of free CE courses available, so it was just a matter of putting in some time to keep my pharmacist license current for another couple of years.  Now, I can focus on other things like cleaning out drawers and closets in preparation for our big garage sale coming up next month.  It's time to unload!!

I did sneak in some shopping this past weekend, as well.  (I know, the irony, right??  Buying when I should be garage sale pricing:))  I stopped at Goodwill.  I haven't been there in forever, but I thought I'd make a quick stop on my way home from picking up a few Target snacks.  One of the snacks was Alden's Organic Ice Cream, which I love, so I had about 2.5 minutes to go in and get out of GW so there wouldn't be a milk shake in my car when I returned.

Here is what I snatched in my 5 minute raid of Goodwill:
Brand New Zipfy Sled.  We own a red one already that I bought on super clearance at Target last year for about $8.  Now Lucky and Charm each have a Mini Luge.

You can't beat $2.99 for a brand new sled that retails for $35.  My Goodwill store had at least 30 of these on the day I was there.

Brand New 9 Foot Tilting Umbrella that was originally sold at Target.  We knew about one week after purchasing the umbrella that I talked about in this post last year, that we made a mistake.  It didn't tilt, so unless we used the table at high noon, it didn't help create much shade for us around the table.  We've been looking for a new umbrella for awhile now.  A week ago, Bill had this exact umbrella in his cart at Target.  It was $75, and I told him to wait a bit for me to do a little 'research' (aka find a coupon or a sale or something).

$24.99.  There were several of these umbrellas at Goodwill too.  Brand new.  Never been opened.  Happy Day!

Next up was this cute little gold chevron box that I had purchased earlier in the week for $6 on clearance at Target.  The one I found at Goodwill was brand new and was marked $2.99 (originally $19.99), so my earlier purchase went into my 'return' basket in the mudroom.  I go to Target often enough that $3 is worth it to me!

Finally, I found this stool for $2.99 which will be fun and easy to redo with a little paint and fabric.

And during a quick Sam's Club stop this week, I found this genuine sheepskin rug for $14.91 (originally $39). 

And now, I'll be returning to my spring break.  I'll be back next week with something fun, I hope:)!  Have a great week!


  1. I love all of the darling pictures! Lucky and Charm remind me so much of their daddy--they enjoy exactly the same things! (Of course you need to substitute "Star Wars" for "Toy Story.") Good lucky with your studies Beth!! :)

    1. Thanks Gail! I'm happy to report that my CE needs have been met. Yeah. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, too!

  2. I like how Charm has on his shirt and tie (or so it looks like) and a diaper. :)

    1. Yeah, he still had his tie on:). It was very Risky Business: Toddler Style. Sometimes we go pants-less around here. It sort of helps with potty training. I don't usually photograph it, but I loved watching him play 'Toy Story' that day, and I had to take a picture.

  3. This might sound really dumb but can I buy that Target chevron design box from you?

    1. I've never had a request like that before:). I'm currently using it, but should I find something that works better, I'll let you know:). Also, you could think about DIYing your own version of the box using a shoe box...just find a small piece of chevron fabric and adhere it to the box. Just an idea:)! Good luck.

    2. Thanks! I know that was a really random request hahaha! But it's because I'm planning my bridesmaids boxes and all I need is one more. Obviously they're not in stores anymore but thanks a lot for the suggestions! :)