Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dollhouse Master Bedroom

We've started work on the master bedroom of Lucky's dollhouse (She this post and this post for the other two rooms that we've started.):

I found the small canvas at Joann's.  It was in a pack of 3 for a couple bucks (I think that they are 5" x 7").  I just painted a simple, sweet sentiment on the canvas and then made a border around it so it looks framed.

The 'wall paper' and 'rug' are both sheets of scrapbook paper attached with double sided tape. Bill made the bed with a wooden plaque and dowels.  We still have to find a lamp for the night stand, and we may add a headboard too.

Three rooms started:

One big room on the bottom floor to begin:
This house needs a kitchen and a dining room and a family room.  I'm anxious to see how we will cram it all in there:).  

Hope you are all having a great week.  We are in super garage sale preparation mode around here.  I can't wait to start my 'fun' projects again:)!


  1. This is such a fun memory you are creating with your daughter. What a truly great idea!!

    1. Thanks...the idea was all Emily Henderson's from Design Star:)! We are having a great time with it though...we just need to find some time to do a little more work on it. Seems like spring is always so busy!! Indoors and out!

  2. This is just darling--I love the color combinations and beautiful details.