Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Charm's Desk Area

In Charm's Room, there is a built in desk that was looking like this:

In several years a decade, this will be really useful and wonderful, but for now, there wasn't much going on here, except some nice diaper storage in the cabinet above the desk.  I brainstormed about ways to make this area practical and fun.  

Here is how the space looks now:

I lined the bookshelves above the desk using clearance Christmas wrapping paper and foam core from the dollar store.  I used a cardboard chevron 'stencil' to make a light pattern on the silver paper.  The chalkboard globe on the top shelf is the same one from this post.  His dog bank was a gift, and the car night light up top was a clearance Target find.  The white boxes on the middle shelf are from IKEA and were 50 cents each on clearance.  The bottom shelf contains Charm's journals wrapped with brown craft paper.  The mushroom bookends were Target clearance finds for about $3 each. 

I painted the back wall with black chalkboard paint, including the area under the desk.  On top of the desk is a zig zag bookshelf that reminded me of the Lack Zig Zag shelf from IKEA that I've always loved (I think it's been discontinued because I couldn't find it online.)  Mine was $3.99 from Goodwill and it was red.  I spray painted it green last fall.  The pictures on the wall in this section are photocopies of all of Charm's grandparents as kids.  Bill and I are on the opposite wall...sort of...I still need to find a picture of Bill that will work, so there is a place holder for now.  The plus signs are just chalkboard vinyl that I cut out and stuck to the wall:)!

The area below the desk was turned into a fort!  I made mini-curtains and hung them with a tension rod.  

We made art work for the space using more of the small square canvases that we used in his gallery wall.  I painted the bike.  Charm painted the abstract piece.  I painted the 'h' over a piece of wrapping paper that I stapled on top of a canvas that has an extra Charm footprint underneath it.  I just couldn't paint over it.  This overall area serves as a space ship, a submarine and an airplane.  Charm or Lucky draw the 'buttons' for controlling the boat/rocket/etc using chalk on the back wall.  One of my absolute favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to sit in his room and watch Charm's imagination soar! 


I have just a couple more projects to complete in his room, and then I'll be able to call this room 'done', for a little while anyway.

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