Friday, March 16, 2012

Gallery Wall Art

Last year, we purchased these lights from Pottery Barn for our stairwell, and I was immediately inspired by this image:
Pottery Barn
I love the black and white photographs with gold accents! 

I decided that I wanted to make a gallery wall(s) in similar fashion in our all too bland stairwell.  Here is the blank slate I wanted to work on in our stairwell leading from our main level to our bedrooms upstairs:

I measured out the wall space I had to work with and taped out the area on the floor in our front room.  Next, I laid out picture frames I had on hand (including Target clearance frames, frames purchased at Goodwill, and frames or items I had around already) until I found arrangements that I liked.

I traced the frames onto newspaper and cut out the pieces so I could play with the arrangement on the wall a bit.

And now it looks more like this:

Can you even believe my 'nail in the wall' phobic husband let me do this?  I had originally planned on using Command Hooks but instead decided to just go for it and use nails aka 'railway ties', according to Bill who insists I could have used smaller nails:)!

While I have a good chunk of work to do in this area (lots of the pictures in the frame are the wrong orientation or the frames are empty, etc), I like where it's headed.  And I love making personal art for our home.  This post shows the art work that I made for Bill for Christmas this year.  Now and then, I'll post changes or updates to the walls, including any artwork I make for this little part of our home.

And with that, go put a hole in a wall to hang some fantastic art this weekend!!  It'll be so worth it:)!  And Happy St. Patrick's Day too!!  See you next week.

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  1. Fantastic job, it looks great, worth every nail hole you made.

  2. Love it Beth! Great job!!!! Want to come to Ohio and get my pictures organized and hung? LOL

  3. Looks great! Love the 4 round frames!

    I have a nail hole phobia as well, but I working to get past it.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  4. Free 8x10 pic at walgreens ends today with code freeone it should help you fill up the frames;)

  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

    C-I'd be there in heart beat if I could:)!

    Thanks for the Walgreens tip too, Kiki...I need to work on getting my photos more organized on our computer so I can take advantage of deals like that in the future!

  6. This looks amazing! Great job!