Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pottery Barn Teen Look-alike Pillows

I had mentioned in my birthday post that I was really liking these alphabet needlepoint pillows from Pottery Barn Teen:

Pottery Barn Teen

I have yet to purchase or make an 's' pillow as of yet, but I did tackle the four letters that begin our family's real 'formal' names-w, e, l, h:

It was a simple project that used white duck cloth that I had on hand already, pre-made black piping and a couple sheets of black felt for the letters that I hand sewed on the pillows.

Cost Breakdown:

White Duckcloth $7 for a yard (on sale) ( I used a little over a half yard for 4 pillows)
2 sheets of black felt $1
2 packages of black piping $2.40 on sale
Stuffing was an old king sized pillow that was too flat for my liking:)=FREE

4 pillows cost just over $10 or roughly $2.50/pillow saving me over 90% off the retail price (mine aren't needlepoint, I know, so it's a loose comparison:))

Has anyone else been sewing lately?  I've been finishing one project after another, and I am loving it!!

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  1. Looks really neat! What is duck cloth?

  2. Thanks Anon. Duck cloth is just a thick cotton canvas material. It comes in a variety of colors, too.

  3. These look great!! I've been wanting an "e" but they are sold out :-(

    1. They are so easy to make if you even just know the basics of sewing. Or you could try a 'no sew' version with some iron on adhesive! Good luck!

  4. Wow-your pillows look FABULOUS!! Great idea and superb execution! I might be trying this project sometime soon! Thanks for sharing!!