Monday, March 12, 2012

The Trouble with Rugs...

is that there are too many good options!

I just picked up this guy from Marshall's on clearance for $199.  It's a 7'6" x 9'6" 100% Wool Rug.  I couldn't believe how well the colors worked together for our front room.  I also love that this rug could work equally well in our very neutral great room, in our sun porch (which has reddish cushions on the chairs and couch), or down the road in our basement if I want to switch things has both the yellow and blue colors we used on our walls in that space.  For a person who likes to change things around as much as I do, versatility in a rug is a definite bonus!

I should note that I originally was thinking of a black and white striped rug like this for the space, and I would have tried to track down some sort of fabric to make curtains with a color scheme that included black, white, green and blue.  Now, I'm searching for some black and white striped curtains or fabric that could be made into curtains.  Black and white striped fabric should be much easier to come by!

In addition to curtains and a curtain rod, I'm also working on coming up with an artwork plan for the wall behind the couch.  I'd like to settle on something personal and inexpensive, and I'm mulling a couple options around in my head:).  Regardless of what curtains and artwork I settle on, it sure is exciting to look back on the progress we've made in this room already, considering we started with an empty room and a green couch:)!


  1. Well in that case since you have too many options you should let me take your brown and green one off your hands. ;) Cute new rug.

  2. Your new rug is so cheery! I can almost see some "roads" and "race tracks" for Charm and Lucky's little cars--have they had any races yet?