Thursday, March 22, 2012

Night Stand Update

Charm has a 'night stand' in his room that was all white.  His bed is also white.  His chair guessed it, white.  I decided that he needed some variety and the easiest thing to paint was his night stand, which was originally from IKEA a few years ago and was natural pine colored at one point.  I failed to take a great 'before' picture.  Can you see it in this picture on the middle far right side??  

I painted the majority of the night stand with two coats of the black chalkboard paint that I seem to be using on EVERYTHING.  (Just wait, tomorrow I'll post about one final chalkboard project for Charm's Room.)  I have no intention of using chalk on the little table.  I just wanted it to be black.  Next, I was inspired by this dish towel that I picked up at Target on clearance for a dolla fiddie.  

I got out my trusty card board chevron stencil and recreated the pattern with a Sharpie marker on the top of the table/stand.  (I would have painted it, but the top is some kind of plastic-y surface that wouldn't allow latex paint to adhere to it.  I know this from experience.  I peeled the paint right off the top on my first attempt.  Ahh well.  Live and learn.  I didn't want to bother with primer, so I chose the Sharpie-stencil route.)

We use this table mainly as a place to rest Charm's night time water.  I also added a little container that had been in our pantry awhile back.  We've been writing out nightly prayers and adding them to our containers.  The kids are really enjoying this activity, and it's a good reminder for us to keep up with our nightly prayers.

I may have to save some of these prayer intentions for Lucky and Charm to read down the road:).

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