Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Got Mudjacked!

On Monday morning, our front step went from this:

To this:

Much Better!
We still have to caulk around the bottom step and build up some landscaping by our house (yes, more landscaping work) to prevent future settling, but we're so happy to have the steps and driveway level!

And because the summer is flying by so fast, I quickly updated our Outdoor Project List for the Summer of 2011 to make sure we tackle all most things on our list:

1. Uncover our Garage Floor.
We did this once after our garage sale, and it's a mess again.  Bill will be building some shelves in the garage in the near future and hopefully, it will help to tame our garage beast for good.

2.  Tightening Play Set Bolts.  Done.

3.  Add some fun touches to our Play Set.  Done for this year.
So far, we've added a steering wheel, a play kitchen and some bright flower pots.  I still have a couple more things I'd like to add next year.

4. Tackling the dead plants in our landscape.  Done

5. Landscape the back corner of our lot and a small area around our patio.  Add extra plants to appropriate areas.  Mostly done.  We've got a few more plants to add to the surprise flower bed we made, and then I'll post some new pictures.

6. Have Gutters Installed.  Done

7. Staining the Deck.  Done

8. Plant a Vegetable Garden.  Done

9. Mudjack the concrete of our driveway/front step.  Done

10.  Fix the landscaping by the front of our house/driveway to prevent future settling around mudjacked concrete.

11. Purchase some patio furniture.  More Furniture. Done

12. Wash house windows and clean screens.

13. Clean up our herb garden bed with some trimming, black dirt, mulch and plant switcheroos.

We are well on our way to crossing off everything on our list, and it feels good!  Just a little more landscaping, some shelf building and window washing should wrap it all up.

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