Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Calming the Craziness

Lucky's toy dresser was looking like this recently because of a broken blue drawer knob:

I had used a couple cheapo Michael's dollar bin knobs to replace the broken one, but the fact that we had 3 different knob styles going on was making me a little nutty.

I ended up buying another pack of these from Pier 1 for about $13 after a 10% coupon:
I then had 6 matching green knobs for the three drawers, and kept 2 of the 5 remaining blue flower knobs for the two doors.  The Michael's knobs and the extra blue knobs returned to the 'knob basket' in my new decorating closet.

And now the toy dresser looks like this:

So. Much. Better.
The little things make me so happy!

P.S. Do you know how long it took me to get an 'after' picture that didn't have a foot in it?:
Too funny.  I love those little feet!

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  1. The toy dresser is really cute! I also love the "footie" picture. :)