Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Deals = Future Project Fun!

I haven't done a post about some of my good 'deals' like this one (West Elm/Target) or this one (Pier 1) or this one (thrifting, antiquing and craigslisting) in awhile now.  It's not because I'm not shopping.  Oh no.  I'm just not shopping quite as much because I've been in the yard more and more yard work = less time to blog about my finds, so here's a quick round up of some purchases I'll be working with in the near future:

And some close-ups!

Heywood Wakefield Children's Chair 
$1.99 Goodwill

Vintage Books
$0.15 each Goodwill.  See this post for more information on my cheap book collection.

I'm especially excited about this book:

Check out the shorthand pages:

Drum Lamp Shade
This shade matches one I purchased a couple months ago
Target $6.24 (It was marked $12.48 but rang up $6.24, 75% off clearance)

Floral Garden Stool
Target $17.48 (75% off clearance)
I don't love the flowers on it, but I think a little spray paint could make it really nice

Bill rolls his eyes every time I walk into the house with sticks that I spend money on.  I didn't feel bad walking in with these two bunches though.  The set of 3 bamboo poles were $2.58 on 75% off clearance from Target and the shorter sticks were $1.28 on 75% off clearance from Target.  Cheap, cheap!

Houndstooth Chenille Fabric
I found a bunch of this at Joann's marked with a red tag for $12/yard.  It was supposed to be on sale 50% off the red tag price, but it rang in at $3/yd and I had a coupon to take an additional 10% off my entire purchase including sale items.  I got several yards of this upholstery grade fabric for $2.70/yard!

20 inch x 20 inch Canvas Pair
$13.99 each. On sale 50% off at Michael's, and I used a 'take an additional 20% off your entire purchase' coupon on them, making them just over $11 for the pair!

IKEA Ribba Frame Pair
Normally $14.99 each at IKEA, but I picked up the pair for $10 each in their original wrappers at Goodwill.  I was planning on picking up a pair anyway, and I saved $10.  Yes!

Deer Pair
$1.99 each at Goodwill (I believe these are $8 each at Michael's).

I'm thinking it's time to get to work!!  Is anyone else having luck finding some deals at GTJM (Goodwill, Target, Joann's or Michael's)?


  1. I love your book collection--Did you know that I used to TEACH SHORTHAND. I think I recognize that book!!!!! I'll have to read a few pages the next time I see you.

  2. Funny, Gail. Yeah, feel free to check the book out! My Mom emailed me and said it was her high school or college text book. How times have changed!

  3. Oh goodness, what a lucky girl you are. I had looked for an oversize houndstooth chenille fabric everywhere without any luck...yours its what i was dreaming with...I'll keep looking till...

  4. Anon..if you'd like, I can do a little receipt digging to see if I can come up with an item number from Joann's...maybe you could track it down??

  5. Janne (previously Anonymous)November 28, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    Beth I will really appreciate it if you can give me the item number. My current project is in stand by cause i can find this darn fabric :/
    Thanks so much for being so kind.

  6. Janne, after a super quick search, I located my Joann's receipt for the fabric. I actually purchased it in early July even though I didn't blog about it until late August. The fabric number on the receipt is: 400094871829. Hopefully, you can call Joann's and check inventory and/or see if they can give you more info about the manufacturer of the fabric. Good luck!

  7. Boohoo ):
    The fabric is discontinued, oh well i'll have to change plans.
    Thank you so much Beth for taking the time to help me :)
    By the way keep up the good work I really like your blog.

  8. That is so disappointing! Did you try searching for the manufacturer and fabric name online? Sometimes fabric sites have stock of discontinued products. is one I came up with after a google search. Also, did an amazing houndstooth chair makeover (it's the reason I bought my houndstooth fabric...I'm still looking for the perfect chair:)) She used as her fabric source. They have large houndstooth options: (duck cloth, not chenille). There are other options on the website as well if you search 'houndstooth'. Good luck!

  9. Sorry...that source was