Monday, August 15, 2011

Plans are Made to Be Changed, Right?

We got ambitious and decided to tackle Phase 3 of our 'Dream Landscape Project' this year.  We had the equipment (sod cutter, borrowed pick up truck, shovels and wheel barrows) and the help and time so we're in the process of working on the fire pit side of our lot. 

Here's how it looks now:

We cut the sod and loaded it into our pick up truck and dropped it off at a local landscaping company and picked up additional edging at the same time.  We used up all the black dirt we had delivered on the opposite side of the yard, so we ended up picking up a pallet of black dirt at Home Depot.  They fork lifted it into the truck and we wheel barrowed it down the hill to our back yard in short order. 

Today, we'll be edging and planting the leftover plants from the other side of our yard.  (I may do a little more plant shopping this year, or this new bed may stay slightly empty until next year.)  We'll also get the black dirt laid down and some mulch down today.  We anticipate needing to get some more mulch delivered, and we'll see how much we need by the end of the day. 

We're nearing the home stretch!


  1. I think you yard it beautiful! You are such hard workers. Did you need to eat lots of chocolate to keep your energy up? :)

  2. I didn't need chocolate, but I did have a couple 'if I don't drink a Pepsi in the next 2 minutes, I might die' moments. The worst is now behind us. I'll have to post some updates soon. We continue to tinker a bit in the yard, however...maybe it will never end?:)