Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Garage Tour

We put up shelves in our garage a few weeks ago so that we'd have room to store all of our 'stuff' this winter.  The shelves are officially full.  See:

And after organizing our garage last weekend, everything was looking good for about 2 days until it hit's fall in Minnesota.  Fall means it will be winter soon.  Winter means there will be no outdoor painting for a good 6 months or more.  This realization means one thing.  It's time to get my paint on!

At this point in time, our garage is a furniture refinishing factory.  It's also a waiting room for objects to be spray painted or in their post spray paint drying phase.  I'm not sure how many pieces I'm working on currently, but I'm determined to get them all done in the next week or so.  

While keeping the explanation behind these pieces a mystery, here are some pictures taken in our garage including furniture I'm working on and products I'm using:

A newly stripped piece

This piece is awaiting a color decision

Another piece waiting on a color decision

Products recommended by Jenny at Little Green Notebook!

New Color Options for Rustoleum Oil Based Paint!

Primed and Ready

Almost Done!

Here's a piece I thought was done until I took this picture...more green please!

The Gold Series

Talk about a busy day!  Here are all the empty spray cans:

Stay tuned for more details and finished product images to follow in the near future!


  1. Awesome! Where is everything going? Do you buy knowing where it is going to go or are some of these projects you will resell? Now stop working on your projects and come and help with my grey and yellow room. ;) I am doing my first spray painting project here shortly - mine is for a Halloween costume though. LOL

  2. I know where the vast majority of the pieces are going in our home, however, there are a couple that may get sold. I'm so excited to see your grey and yellow sounds like your plan is coming together nicely! And I stopped by the new Tuesday Morning today...much improved! Thanks for the tip.

  3. I love the airplane! What paint did you use? (I have an unfinished airplane shelf in my son's room). p.s. just reading your blog for the first time, and it's quite nice! Looking to do an oil-based paint project and noticed through Jenny's site that you discovered the additional rustoleum looking for a place that sells it in upstate NY.

    1. I just used a silver spray paint on the airplane. It turned out almost like a stainless steel finish. I ended up selling the plane because I didn't have a place to hang it in my son's room:). The Rustoleum Oil Based paint is awesome, just don't trust the brochure to be an accurate indicator of the colors. I had problems with that. Next time, I'll just find a color I like and have them color match it:). Good luck with your project and thanks for stopping by!