Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Palooza!

It was pumpkin decorating night in our house last night!  Check out the pictures from our fun night:

Charm's Pumpkin Request: Circle eyes, Square Nose and 5 teeth

Lucky's Pumpkin Request: Heart Eyes, Triangle Nose and Squiggly Mouth

Lucky's Completed Pumpkin!

 Next up, one of my pumpkins using inspiration I highlighted in this post:

This pumpkin came from my dad's patch.  We picked it over Labor Day weekend!

Marking my drill holes

Bill used a 15/64 drill bit.

I popped these lights in the holes Bill made.  The set was less than $3 at Target.

I only needed about 50 lights, so the rest will hang out within the pumpkin.  My only tip for doing this is to drill a cord exit hole prior to stringing in the lights.  We made our cord exit hole after stringing the lights which proved a little tricky.

Finished Pumpkin Product!

 Here's my other pumpkin using inspiration from this post:
I found black patterned tights on sale for $2.50 at Target.

Ribbon was used to tie off the ends.

End Result.  This decorating option was so easy and so fast!  I love the look!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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