Friday, October 7, 2011

Brainstorming: Costumes on the Mind

We're trying to come up with a come up with a great family costume idea for Halloween this year, and we've been having some dinner time brainstorming sessions about the issue.  We're looking for a set of costumes around a common theme that won't be extremely costly or complicated to make.  Here are a few ideas we've come up with:

The Royal Family:  King William, Queen Elizabeth (sic), Princess Lucky and Prince Charm
I like this because Lucky refers to us often as King, Queen, Princess and Prince. Also, we already own this princess costume:

Charm has a suit he could use from Easter:

Bill also has a suit, and I suppose I could find a crazy thrift store dress for myself. We would need some crowns, but that's about it.  Super easy.

Toy Story:  Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Jessie and Woody
When I picked up these horse costumes on clearance at Target for $7.48 last year, I was counting on using them for Halloween this year.

I don't know why Lucky drops her neck like that when you ask her to smile big, but she does:).  It's classic Lucky girl!

Charm would be Woody on his horse and Lucky would be Jessie.  I guess Bill and I could be Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, though we'd have to get very creative to pull off potato head costumes.  Or we could be Little Bo Peep and Buzz Lightyear...again, not the easiest of costumes to quickly and inexpensively put together.  Also, when I purchased the horse costumes, we were expecting to have a fifth Toy Story family member at this time.  Since we don't, Toy Story Theme = a sad, tricky costume option for us this year, but still do-able.

A Zoo: Lion, Horse, and 2 other animals
Sometimes it feels like a zoo around here, so it would be fitting if we dressed up as a family zoo.  We have Lion and Horse costumes for the kids.  Bill and I would just have to find or make animal costumes too.  This could be done fairly easily.  A sign that says "S. Family Zoo" would pull it all together!

A Flower Bouquet

Using these headbands, Lucky and I could be instant flowers:

And if Bill and Charm dressed in all green, they could be our greenery:).  I love this idea, but not sure it's best for Charm (and Bill).

Can anyone help us decide?  Any easy, family themed costume ideas out there? We have a couple other ideas percolating in our minds, but nothing completely firmed up yet.  Regardless, Halloween is coming up fast and is going to be a blast!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Royal family. Then you can wear your new gold bracelet!

  2. I vote for Toy Story...and only because I want to see you and Bill dressed up like Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. ;)

  3. If you did the zoo, bill could be the zookeeper and you could be the vet!

  4. How about Wizard of Oz? You already have a lion. A scarecrow would be easy-peasy. Tin man, a little work/creativity involved (aluminum foil had, some silver spray paint . . .). And of course Dorothy - Goodwill, or Target has pre-made Dorothy (and Toto in a basket!!)

  5. Thanks for all the comments and ideas everyone! Jen...we totally thought Wizard of Oz when we saw Charm in the lion outfit and Lucky in the Glinda (sp?) like dress. If we wanted to do Dorothy for Lucky, she already has red sparkle shoes from Target (clearance of course). Bill is 100% on board with the Wizard theme now, but I'm not sure....the clock is ticking!!

  6. Beth, maybe YOU could be Dorothy :) Charm as the Lion, Lucky as Glinda and Bill could be the Tin Man. And, you guys could carry along one of those large scarecrows they sell at Joanne's (use a 40% off coupon for that). I'm sure you already have a basket or two lying around the house and a cute dog toy is easy enough. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to craft your own ruby slippers - I have dreamed of that project many a time :) I think the royal family is my second choice (for what it's worth). Good luck!! Ooooh, you could also go as a rodeo. The kiddos as cowboys/girls with the horses and you and Bill as the rodeo clowns (pictures required). Can't wait to find out what you choose!

  7. Hi Beth--Wow, so many great ideas. I'd vote for anything that allows Charm to wear the lion outfit--I have never seen anything so cute. Lucky looks darling in everything!!!!