Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dollhouse Challenge: We're In!

Lucky has a dollhouse that she received for her second birthday.  It looks like this most days:

It's actually a bookshelf from....Target (seriously, where else do I really shop:)?).  Here is the link for it.  Over time, we've picked up wooden doll house furniture from Target as well.  I don't mind her dollhouse as it.  It is girly and sweet, and when picked up, it looks like this:

I've had thoughts recently about painting the pink colored roof and window frames and adding some general flair to it, however, like wall paper flair and flokati rug flair.  I figured it'd be pretty cheap with small pieces of fabric, scrapbook paper, etc.  Maybe some of the furniture could be revamped a bit too.

I was thinking I would start tackling this project when I got a few more rooms done in our real house, but then I saw this post from Jenny at Little Green Notebook and this post from Nicole at Making It Lovely and this post from Emily Henderson of HGTV Design Star fame who writes the blog Style by Emily Henderson.  All of these bloggers and several others are participating in the first annual "I'm a Giant" Dollhouse Decorating Challenge.

The bloggers listed above are big time design bloggers who have picked out amazing doll houses to start with.  I'm sure there results will be absolutely stunning, and I can't wait to see what they come up with.  I think I want to get in on the fun, but I'm timid about the 'deadline' of December 15th.  So my approach is going to be this:  Lucky's doll house is going to get a reno without a deadline:).  We'll see how far we get by December 15th.  We've decided to work on it as a team, so Lucky will be helping with the craft store shopping and general decision making (though I may guide her decisions a bit:)).  We've started talking about room layout already.  I'll be posting updates now and then as we finish each room.

Does anyone else want to get in on this with me?  I even found a fun pre-made cardboard dollhouse for $20 that could work for this project!

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