Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Decided to Invest in Gold

Not long ago, I was mailed this coupon from Coldwater Creek with a letter stating that the company had recently undergone a shift for the better.  The coupon was good for $25 off any purchase:

I browsed through the catalog that was attached to the coupon and found this pillow for $29.95:

I thought I would walk in, pay $5 for the pillow and then walk out, but when I got there I didn't love the pillow.  It was just okay and $5 is $5.  So then I found this elephant for $29.95:

I thought it would be adorable in Charm's room.  But then I decided it might be too 'baby' for him.  Then, I found this collection of giraffes in 3 sizes and priced from $19.95 to $29.95:

I really liked them, but I would only wanted to get one to maximize the coupon, and I preferred the grouped look.

I looked some more and found this book for $24.95:

I loved this book and considered framing several of the pages for artwork.  The illustrations are beautiful and the quotes are wonderful!

I also found this hand hammered gold bracelet (made of brass) originally $199.95.

It was marked $59.99 with a red tag indicating the price would be discounted another 40% off at the register = $35.99 after discount.  

I went back and forth between buying the book or the bracelet.  Book or bracelet.  The book would be free. The $200 bracelet would cost $11.  

Here's what I got:

I splurged on the bracelet!  I decided I could keep an eye on Amazon for the book to go on sale, but I probably wouldn't stumble upon this good of a deal on a beautiful bracelet for a long time!  I may never take it off!  

Here's my receipt for this crazy good deal:

Thank you for the coupon, Coldwater Creek!!  

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