Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Happenings: Bird Cage Light Fixture

I had forgotten about this huge birdcage that I had stored in the basement, all disassembled.  

I bought it on clearance at Z Gallerie a few years ago.  It was originally $89.95, but I paid $35.  Bill has always hated it because it's really big.  I have contemplated spray painting it white for a shabby chic look or another color even, but finding a more permanent place to put it has been a bit of an issue, so it has stayed black.  When I started decorating for Halloween this weekend with Lucky, I pulled it out and was determined to make use of it.  I put it together and was reminded how HUGE this cage really is.  I first put it on an end table we had upstairs already, but it looked funny on a four legged table.

I then switched out the table for a black pedestal table that we had in the basement.  

Much Better.

Since it took up the entire table, we didn't have room for this lamp anymore:

The lamp got moved to the dining room, and I'll show that updated space later this week.  We did like having a lamp on that table though.  After another minute, a light bulb went off in my head:  Bird Cage Lamp!  You see lately, I've been seeing lots of bird cage themed light fixtures popping up on the web.  Here are some examples:

Restoration Hardware
Sale Price: $1975.  Whoa.

We made a quick trip to IKEA for a black cord kit like this white version:

Bill fed the cord through the cage and secured the cord further with a couple zip ties colored black with a Sharpie:).  We put in a CFL bulb for safety reasons.  At first, I was thinking I'd want to install a CFL that looked more like this:

I even picked the above bulbs up while on a Home Depot run (BTW: Plants are on clearance 50% off, with some grasses discounted even further!!), but Bill surprised me with a completed bird cage light fixture when I got home on Saturday.  I found that I actually like the original CFL bulb look.  It's halloweeny and fun, I think.

Bill also found an orange CFL for $3 at Menards that we may give a try as well:

Here are a few more pictures of the completed look:

I love my new lamp.  It's perfect for Halloween, and now Bill likes it a little:)!  So what if it only comes out one month a year, right?  And you can't beat the price.  $3.99 for a lamp!  More Halloween updates coming soon:)!

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  1. This is one of the most creative ideas I have ever seen!! cute cute cute