Friday, October 14, 2011

Simple Halloween Lampshade Update

I recently found these silhouette cut outs at the dollar store for...$1 per pack.

I immediately bought a couple packs so I could decorate lampshades this year.  (A couple years ago, I made bat silhouettes out of construction paper for my lampshades.  I figured I'd save myself the time and pay $1 for pre-made shapes this year.)

Here is the before picture, and it is also what the lamp looks like from the outside when it's not turned on:

Here is my high tech tape application technique:):

 Here is what the inside of the lamp looks like (I used a CFL lightbulb for safety!):

Here it is all lit up!: 
I love how $1 can change the look of a lamp and instantly make it so festive!!

Here it is at night:

Here is Lucky girl playing with her bird!: 

Have a great weekend!!

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