Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Whole New Room!

So yesterday, I posted a bit about our garage sale and the room transformation that took place in our sun porch.  As a reminder, here is the room filled with all of our garage sale goods:

Here is the room after all the garage sale items had been removed and placed in our garage:


 Still not great.

Here is the room after we did a little more cleaning and organzing.  We removed the sheets from our patio furniture, and now the room is looking much, much better!

We tried a new layout this year.  Last year, we had the couch where these chairs were.  This year, we moved the couch in front of the book shelves for a 'layered' look.  See this post from Emily A. Clark for more about layering furniture.

See where another $2 palm tree would have fit in nicely?  Also, I haven't done anything with the actual bookshelves yet.  The books and decor are completely haphazard at this point.  And I need to get the area rug that works well in this room up from the basement craft area.  Which means I need to go rug shopping for a new rug for the craft area.  Home Goods, here I come!

We actually ate dinner here Sunday night.  Bill and I pulled up ottomans to the end of the table.  It's a nice little kid work and play station too.

The lamp bases are the $3/pair church sale lamps from this post, and the lamp shades were scored at Target on the cheap. (See this post.) The orange-red pillow came with the outdoor furniture set that we purchased at Sam's a few years ago.  The striped pillows are new this year.  They were on sale at Kohl's 55% off for just over $9.  An additional 30% off brought them closer to $6 each and they contributed towards some Kohl's Cash.  (I have a love-hate relationship with Kohl's Cash.  More on that another day.)

I don't have a specific budget for this room, but because it's a room we can only use about 5-6 months out of the year, I'm not going to spend much on it this season.  I love that we have a whole new room to play in now, and so do the kids...even if we need to have a little heater in there and it's mid-May:).

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  1. Your sun porch looks great--I love the "kid friendly" chairs and table. Do you think Charm will be grilling some hamburgers on his grill soon?