Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shopping Recap for the Week

Here's the low down on my weekly errand run.

Rainbow Highlights:
  • Edy's Shakes: Sale price $1.25 each - $1 off 2 coupon that doubled = $0.50 total for 2
  • Ritz Crackerfuls: Sale price $2.50 - $1 off coupon that doubled = $0.50
  • Uncle Ben's Ready Rice: Sale Price $1.65 but I used a "FREE" coupon from mail = FREE
  • Oatmeal: Sale Price $1/box - $1 off coupon that doubled up to the total value of the product (normally $1.25), so $1.25 was taken off my order x 2 coupons = -$0.50
  • Pepperidge Farm Cake: Sale Price $2
  • Skippy Natural Peanut Butter: Sale Price $0.99
  • Gillette Shaving Gel: Sale Price $1.99 - $1 coupon that doubled = FREE
Total for everything pictured: $3.49

Total Spent: $96.71 (wowsers!)
Total Saved: $81.58

I didn't come super close to meeting my '50% off' goal this week.  There weren't a ton of coupons that I used, and I did some stocking up on meat.  And I was hungry when I was shopping, so my grumbling belly may have made me put some extra ice cream treats in my cart:).  On the whole, I'm still doing well. 

Target Highlights:

You'll fork over $39.98 if you pay full price (no coupons, sales or gift card promos) for 2 boxes of these diapers:

My son is a prolific night pee'er, and we've found that these diapers work best to keep him dry in the night, which keeps him (and thus, Bill and me) sleeping better at night.  We really like these diapers.  This week, there is a Target gift card promo for these diapers.  I ended up buying all of this for $42.24 (just a little over $2 more than the regular price for the diapers alone) using coupons and taking Target promo gift cards into account:

2 boxes of diapers, 3 cans of Pringles, 2 Gillette deodorants, 2 Gillette shower washes, 2 John Frieda boxes of hair dye that I got paid to take home with me (I don't currently dye my hair, but I may give one of these a try:)), 3 Revlon Beauty tools, a $1 bin sticker book for the kiddos, 2 bottles of John Frieda shampoo, and 2 pairs of Scotch scissors.  See this post at Total $avings for more information about these deals.

Also, belts were marked 75% off and so were some children's pj's (Nick and Nora and Circo brand).  I bought myself 3 belts for about $4 each and I picked up 2 sets of jammers for Lucky.  One was $3.74 and the other was $2.50.  I also found a pair of shorts for the Lucky girl for $3.24.  (These items were not included in the $42.24 total from the previous picture.)


See this spring rain coat?

I had been looking for a rain coat/spring coat for Lucky for several weeks now.  It was $10 on clearance.  I can't tell you how cute it is on her!! 

Coastal Contacts

Last week, I read this post by Collin at Hip2Save about free (shipping costs only) glasses that were available.  It sounded too good to be true, but then I read the positive comments from readers who had done this in the past, so I figured for $16 (ridiculous shipping costs, but still cheap overall), I'd give it a try. 

When you have young kids, your glasses often end up like this: 
I've lost 2 pairs in the last 3 years at the hands of infants who have snatched them off my face and then never let go until they were in pieces.

I typically only wear glasses at night, and until today, I had been wearing an old pair of my husband's glasses (we have nearly identical prescriptions).  I've been meaning to get some new glasses for myself.  It has been on my 'to do' list for a couple months now, but I hadn't gotten around to it, so when I saw the deal Collin had posted, I jumped on it. 

The Coastal Contacts website has a way to upload a picture of yourself to pseudo try on the glasses, but I didn't do that.  I just grabbed a pair I thought looked fun, put them in my cart and quickly checked out.  Sometimes deals like this go crazy fast, and I didn't want to miss out.  The return policy seemed reasonable too.  And, I don't wear glasses that often.  I prefer contacts.  What I'd really prefer is Lasik surgery, but that's something to consider another day:).

Well, look what arrived yesterday:

Cute, no?

Now, I probably wouldn't have chosen this exact pair for myself if I took the time to try on lots of glasses at a store location, but they work.  I'm calling it my Library Chic look, and for $16 buckaroos, I'm not complaining!

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