Friday, May 13, 2011

The Twilight Zone: Thursday Afternoon

Running our garage sale yesterday morning felt like a normal everyday activity compared to the afternoon.  Here is a summarized version of the text exchange Bill and I shared yesterday afternoon. It took place over the course of about an hour and a half.  (Words in [brackets] are background information.)
Me: We just made over $600 in 5 hours!
Bill: Neat-o!  Let's split it three ways: decorating fund, vacation fund, savings:).
Me: We'll talk after tomorrow.  I wish I could be open longer today, now that I know how much money can be made!
Bill: :)
Me: Police came here, and I lost Charm.  Just for a minute.
Me: Also, the University called for you during the garage sale.
Bill: What???!! Why were the cops there?  Where was our son?
Me:  Can you come home now?  I think I'm in the twilight zone.
Me: I don't know why [the police came].  Charm was in the [plastic] fort [in our basement playing an unannounced and very sneaky game of hide and seek, while remaining totally quiet.  He gave me a mild panic attack even though I was in the room with him when he went missing].
Me: We have lots of cleaning to do tonight. [Random thought by Beth]
Bill: Why did the university call?
Me: Nothing big.  We can talk about it tonight.
Me: Also, the powder toilet is broken.  Did u cancel the Camry appt?  [I love Toyota Camry's, but I hate the heating and cooling system on those things.  They make no sense to me.  Yesterday, I thought the heating and cooling system had gone out, but I just needed to press the 'Auto' button, not the A/C button, even though I wanted A/C.  We made an appointment to have it looked at yesterday, but then I figured it out.  Perhaps it was a blonde moment...I don't know, but apparently it was important to me at this moment in time to know if we had cancelled our appointment.]
Bill: Broken or clogged toilet.  And yes, car appt cancelled.
Me: Broken.  I think the flusher lever came off. [I figured it was most likely a quick fix, but it's tricky to mess around with a toilet while running a garage sale or recovering from running a garage sale.  It's easier to just use a different toilet.]
Bill:  Okay...will fix tonight.  Still wondering why the coppers were there.
Me:  Cops said they received an internet to phone 911 call.  Nobody was online here....I was txting u.
Me: I'm seriously caput.  Need back up help to stay awake.  Maybe I'll watch Glee with the kids for energy. [We like to dance to the music and fast forward through the other scenes....I've watched 'Rolling in the Deep' and 'Jar of Hearts' from Tuesday's episode many times this week.]  I'm developing a crush on Finn, the character.  Not the actor that plays him. 
Me: R u working right now?  How is that possible with all of these texts?
Bill:  Taking a break
Me:  They won't miss you then.  We need u.  When r u retiring?  Can I pause life for a sec to catch my breath?
Me: I just fell off a kitchen stool.  Right off the back of it.  Just like Lucky does now and then when she is fidgeting.  I tell her to be more careful, and now she's telling me to be careful and not tip.
Me: [2 minutes later] I'm still on the floor.  Charm is kissing me and Lucky is scolding me.  Wine and a hot bath sound marvelous.
Me: Okay, I'm up.  Can you try to be home on time today?
Bill: Sure. 
Me:  Here is a picture of Lucky's second outfit of the day.  The skirt is so short she probably could get kicked out of preschool. (Picture not included in this post because blogger was down for a long while today, and I haven't uploaded any pictures.)
And to wrap up the conversation...Bill came home on time.  We discovered that Charm dialed 911 from our landline which has service tied to our internet (hence the internet based call) when he was hiding in the fort.  We looked through our 'redial' function on the phone to discover this.  I got to drink a beer, and put the kids down.  Then I cleaned the house, priced some more garage sale goods, and watched American Idol results.  All in all, not a bad day. 
Now...everyone needs to have a great, drama-free weekend!  We may tackle a few projects around here this weekend, or we may have a movie marathon.  I'm not sure which...but I'm definitely leaning my vote one way:).

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  1. My goodness--what a day. I'm exhausted just reading about it!! Congratulations on your successful Garage Sale. Charm is quite a busy, smart little boy!