Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Snapshot

Busy weekend.  Enjoy the pictures:).
Charm's Room.  Notice the missing crib?  Wow.  I need to make a mood board for this room, once I figure out what computer program to use to make a mood board.  Very exciting!

The Mood Board for Charm's Room is likely to include this score imported from the U.P. of Michigan from my sweet Ma. (Can someone say Jenny Lind Bed for the low price of $40!  Siderails included!)  Thank you!  Oma visited us late last week and we had so much fun!!

Target Run: Total cost for everything pictured: $8.22 (Rain boots were $3.74, Lucky Shoes were $2.48, T-shirt was $1.50, and wipes were $0.50).  Target Gift Card Balance: $22.85

Project Time.  Here's a nice before shot:

 And During:

More on this project (or two) later this week.

Leftover Fabric for a project for Lucky's Room!

Wall Art Project which probably won't be finished anytime soon, even though I really want my the floor in our bedroom back!  I'm too indecisive right now:).

Another Clubhouse addition: potted plants!  The planters were $1 each at Walmart.  I like the bright yellow (go figure!), and the plants were either chosen by the kids at Walmart this weekend (from the 90 cent section:)) or were fundraiser plants.

And here was the least intelligent decision we made this weekend  month  year.  Picture it: it's 8:15pm on a Sunday night, and we want to plant a strawberry patch.  There is a lilac tree in our way.  Our decision: get out a shovel and move the tree.

But not really brilliant at all.  It looks reasonable here, but that tree had long, deep roots.  We were very, very careful with the roots to keep them intact, as best we could.  15 minutes into the process, it started to thunder.  16 minutes into the process, it started to pour.  Our baby monitor was saved.  The jury is out on my camera (no more during pictures) was out in the rain a bit longer before I remembered it.  18 minutes into the process, our shovel snapped in half.  I so wish I had a picture of it in 2 pieces.  We had another shovel, so we continued the cold, hard rain.  I was pulling at the tree so hard, I was actually laying in a pile of dirt.  There was a long stretch of time when we took turns shoveling and pulling at the tree.  Then, the decision was made that we needed to saw off the roots that went straight into the ground, because we needed to be done already.  (So much for being root conscious.)  I'd say about 30 minutes into the process, I ran to get a bow saw.  38 minutes into the process, the tree was free.  We dug a hole and plopped the tree ball in the hole (about 4 feet from it's previous location--see the clay pot on the ground in the photo, that's where the tree is now.) and buried the roots as best we could.  We were done just about an hour after starting.  Sadly, the strawberries never got planted.  They will though, very soon!  And here's hoping our tree makes it after all that work!

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