Friday, May 6, 2011

Mini Update: Lucky's Room

 I finally got around to printing off some pictures for Lucky's room, and I love them!
Rock Star Lucky on her Night Stand

 Sweet, Sunshine Lucky Girl at her Desk

And a little closet update:
 Guess what's inside?

 All of these dolls have a permanently shocked look on their face.  It's weird.

 Noah and his Ark have a home in this box!

 They look all mushed up, but they are really happy because they are all together!

I put clear packaging tape on these boxes first, and then adhered the pictures to the boxes over the initial packaging tape with more packaging tape.  When we change out the toys, we can change out the pictures, without ripping the cardboard IKEA boxes.

Ta-Da!  Progress is progress, even if it's small!

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