Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hardware Switcheroo

So, I've never liked the drawer knobs for the pinkish red storage unit in Lucky's new room that we scored on Craigslist.
They were plastic looking up close and not my style.  Not horrible, but not great either.  Although, we're lacking a Hobby Lobby in our neck of the woods (which apparently has wonderful, cheap drawer knobs), I have been keeping my eye out for replacement knobs. 

I found a set of six blue ones on clearance at Marshall's for $10 a couple weeks ago, and I finally took the time to switch them out.  Now, the old buffet/current toy storage unit has 8 knobs needing replacement, so I also pulled out 2 green knobs that I had on hand already when I switched out our dining room buffet brown knobs for green knobs (they came in a pack of 4).  I figured I could use the brown pair or the leftover green pair for the remaining 2 knobs.

Here are the knobs all packaged up:

And here is a pretty bad after picture (soon I'll capture the entire room and I'll be sure to include better pictures of the knobs.):
It's another cheery addition for Lucky's Room! 

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