Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding Yellow

I continue to hunt for yellow additions for our family room for the month, even though the month is over half over:).  Here is what I found at the grocery store:


I spent $4.50 on lemons, and plopped them in a bowl.  The result: an instant burst of sunshine yellow!

I also found this flowering plant at Walmart for $3.50 last week:
I put it in a planter that I already owned (a gift from Mom).  I've never used it before, and I'm not sure why because it is such a cool pot!

Check out a close up:

Here are a few more flower pics:

I love the simple yellow blossoms.

I'm loving all the yellow that's in our home now!  See this post and this post for other recent yellow additions.  As for the $30's the update:

$11 Lamp
$5 Pillow
$8 Flowers/Lemons

Total Spent: $24
Total Remaining: $6

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