Thursday, May 19, 2011

$50 Target Challenge

For my birthday this year, I received a very generous $50 Gift Card to my favorite store, Target.  I haven't used it yet, and it's time I do.  I've decide to make it a challenge to see what I can purchase for $50 at Target. 

I went into the store this week with this coupon stack in hand:

 And I left the store with these goodies:

 2 Tank tops: $1.12 each, 1 skirt: $3.24 each, pair of shoes $3.74, Charm shirt $2.24
Dentyne gum $0.04 per pack with coupon, Revlon tweezers and files: -$1.86 (coupon overage), Sally Hansen nail files: FREE with coupon, Aquafresh kiddo toothbrushes $0.49 each with coupons

Murphy's Oil Spray $0.99 with coupons, Cutter Bug Spray $0.99 with coupons, kiddo hair wash $0.62 each with coupons, Hydrogen Peroxide $0.12 with coupon

Rubbing Alcohol (we needed some of this) $0.99 with coupon, Nail Polish Remover (again we were out of this) $0.47 each with coupon, KC BBQ sauce $0.42 with coupon, Soy Sauce $0.42 with coupon, Pampers Wipes $0.99 for container (we needed a plastic container for some weird refills we got on sale at Walgreens earlier this month) with coupon, Up and Up Liners $0.14 each with coupons.

My total for everything was $18.93
Gift Card Balance: $31.07

FYI: Many of the coupons I used can be printed from the Target Website via this link.

Also a quick Rainbow and Walgreens update

I actually went into Rainbow this week with with just 2 coupons in hand.  That's it.  I stuck mainly to a quick list I made, and even with just a couple coupons, I spent $80.47 and saved $67.68 by purchasing mainly items that were on sale. 

Highlights from the photo above included a fantastic soda deal 5 packs for $9, Skippy PB for $0.98, Coffee Mate Creamer for $0.56 and GE CFL light bulbs for $1 each.

Again this week, several items that I wanted to purchase were out of stock.  Bummer.  I did find 4 Reach Toothbrushes for $0.99 each.  I had a $2 off 2 coupon, and when you purchased 4 brushes, you received a $4 register reward, so I made $2 there.  Also, Scotch tape was on sale for $1.99-Buy 1, Get 2 Free.  I had 2 $1.00 off manufacturer coupons that resulted in FREE tape.  I purchased the Dove bar for $0.39 so I could use an old register reward and I ended up spending $0.81 out of pocket (or close to was eighty-something cents.  I don't have the receipt handy right now.)

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