Monday, March 4, 2013

The Countdown Is On!!


The first day of spring is officially 16 days away, and we can't wait for the both the calendar start of spring AND for the weather to cooperate accordingly!  This winter has been a doozy, so we are especially eager for warm weather and no snow!!  In the meantime, we've started a little chalkboard countdown.  We've also been getting a bouquet of fresh greenery every week at Trader Joe's.  During the entire month of January, I purchased white tulip bouquets that I just loved, and February was the month of pink tulips.  Last week we switched to yellow daffodils, and this week I picked up a bunch of eucalyptus.  It was a pretty big bouquet for $4.99, so I ended up putting it in a big owl vase that I picked up awhile back at Marshall's for $12 on clearance. 


We've also been busy planning a few room updates, one of which includes this pillow from Home Goods which screams 'Spring!' to me!  I love that it includes the blue and green colors that have become standard in our house, along with a pretty plum color and bright yellow.  Yellow happens to be my favorite color, but I've struggled with decorating it in the past.  I think this year, yellow is where 'it's' at.  Our house needs more yellow.

Finally, my nails have taken on a spring look in recent weeks:

Zoya Polish

I took advantage of a little promotion a couple months ago and purchased 3 bottles of Zoya polish for $10 shipped.  I just loved this spring color, and received so many compliments when I wore it!!  Zoya nail polish is toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor-free!  (I had tried Scotch Naturals in the past, which is similarly 'chemical free', and loved it!  It smelled like chocolate to me.)  Zoya still had a distinctly strong nail polish smell, but the price was right and so were the colors!
A countdown, flowers, a pillow and bright blue nails....we're ready spring.  Did you hear that snow clouds?  You can stop anytime now:)!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. your home is just so pretty! and i will start counting down after this snowstorm comes through this week! :)

    1. Thanks Cassie! I hope the snow misses you!! Be safe.

  2. Is there any way possible we can speed up the countdown? I think our house and it's inhabitants could really benefit from some spring sunshine!

    1. I hear you like you wouldn't believe!! It'll be here soon though. Weeks, not months:).